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Originally Posted by mana_r32 View Post
r32 if u want a Powerfull Road car , R33 is also powerfull , but it's not light , for me , if it's gonna be a normal daliy drive car , u can go to the R33 , since it's not that fast , but if u wana a highe performuns road car , u can go to the r32 , but for me , it's pointless to have car with 700 HP or more for daliy drive , when will u use this power??? highe ways??? not enaf...

have you ever driven a 33 ?

not that fast... as std none of them are that fast. however out of the box the 33 has a higher top speed due to the more aerodynamic design.

with mild mods to either they are both fast. don't be lulled in by size when you drive the 33 it feels half the size it is. in fact the only thing I didn't like about the 33 was parking it as it takes up a whole parking space.

still the 32 isn't hugely different in size.

32 is more driver oriented but the 33 is a great motorway car and still goes very well on a circuit.

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