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btw, there is definitely a flaw in the fuel gauge design. it never moves for the first 40-60kms for me. but after that it's in freefall and the closer to the lower half it gets then the quicker it moves. it's almost like i get 200km out of the first 1/4 of the tanks and then 100km out of the remainder. i spoke to nissan about it and they said it's to do with the 2 fuel tank setup that the gt-r has and that the pressure causes the innaccurate reading when the first tank is still 3/4 full.

so i tested it. i drove for something like 70kms and sure enough the fuel gauge hadn't budged. turned the car off, unscrewed the petrol cap and SWOOSH, it's sucking air for about 2 mins. screwed it back on, started the car, now only 3/4 tank left.

classic nissan engineering there!
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