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Rossy is ha sold the gtr. one last item to sell r32 GTR rear trust spats BNIB.
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Welcome I see this is your first post.Im guessing no bodys replied to highlight to you how good the search function is. So heres a bit of info I got by typing "nismo r32 gtr" in the search bar
Nismo version BNR32 has chassis number from 100000 to 100560 (from memory)

No Air con (sometimes has been added back in)
No rear wiper - no hole in window, different dash switch.
Nismo badge on boot.
Bigger Nismo RS580 steel turbos.
Nismo bumper vents
Nismo bonnet lip.
Nismo boot lid spoiler.
Nismo side skirts (with spats)
No mesh in front bumper.
No radio - often retro fitted.

That's about it as far as I can remember.

Oh - and they were all gun metal." From a post i found.
And Heres wot one looks like..
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