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Originally Posted by R32Godzilla View Post
I recently purchased a Skyline from a person that stumbled upon a GTR and had no idea what he had. (He didnt even know there were different types of skylines). I noticed it had all of the Nismo exterior parts but thought nothing of it since people like to dress them up anyway. The guy that sold it to me hadn't done anything to it. I started looking around and noticed the turbos had steel turbine my question is what is an "easy" and certain way to tell that this car is indeed a Nismo edition.

If it helps it is a 92 GTR ( which again my research has been driving me insane and I cant find any record of Nismo editions being produced in 92)

I'm hopeless if anyone could help it would be awsome
Hey mate, what colour is the car?
If it's white you may have an N1 which is what i have. basically the same exterior/features as the NISMO however only came in white and off-course had the N1 turbos/motor.
As far as i know all NISMO cars had a special plate in the engine bay outlining the number of the car of the 560 made.
The N1's on the other hand, didn't and just had regular Nissan plate. But the N1's only came in white.
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