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Originally Posted by Rich-GT View Post
Thanks, will take a look. So by the sounds of what you are saying, with the bumper sensors disconnected then you get a light on the dash, but everthing else runs fine?

If that's the case then sounds like a good solution for the track. Dependant on what sort of signal the sensors send to the ECU it may be possible to plug up a passive device that simulates the non triggered state. Trouble is it's not the sort of thing you can play with trial and error style.

In the post on the other time this has happened there is mention of a passenger safety ECU, that also has to be replaced when triggered. Have you found this / removed it?

If there is no sensors which trigger the don´t need to replace it..

I will delete mine completly,i dont want to be the guy the porsche owners laugh loud when i hit a plastic-cone on track
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