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Originally Posted by Hacker View Post
LM GT4's 18 x 9.5 et 12 have to be my choice over the Dynamics

Surely the Dynamics are much cheaper.

Sorry dude just my opinion, who am I.

Unless you still own the LM's then all is forgiven
Well, as has been said, Dynamics give the car a different look. I wouldn't say LMGT4's are 10 a penny, but EVERYONE goes for them, so I prefer something slightly different. 19's deffo suit the r34 and the anthracite centres are part of a theme I'm developing [carbon - bonnet, splitter, wing mirrors, Nismo style skirts & spats and rear spoiler].

As for price... good job you included the , as I ALWAYS laugh at anyone who talks about what is "best", based on the cost. It's true sometimes, but more often than not, it seems to be someone selling the "better" brand or has money to burn [no wonder we have "skyline tax"]. I don't, so am carefull with cash!!

Also, like the deep dish look!!
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