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Differences between VSPEC and Non VSPEC are

Additional front lip and undertray
Rear carbon undertray / diffuser
Stiffen suspension

Not sure if there's anything else.

Differences between VSPEC I and VSPEC II

-Dry-carbon bonnet
-N1 rear calliper & disc
-Drilled aluminium pedals
-Black cloth interior Vs grey
-clear front & side indicators

-Radiator has plastic caps instead of aluminium
-Boot lid doesn't have lining inside
-different colour plastic center console
-different stereo
-oil pressure read in kPa on the instument panel / MFD
-no adjustment for the xenon beam
-different design switches/adjuster of the rearview mirrors
-slightly different painting technique were the engine room is painted body color rather than black base
-carbon rear diffuser made by different company
-different design steering wheel (very slight design change)

Main changes that are the ones worth worrying about are in bold.

Differnces between VSPEC II and NUR

N1 block
N1 water pump
N1 oil pump
N1 turbines
N1 exhaust manifolds
N1 pistons
N1 piston rings
N1 conrods
Balanced crank
N1 I/C rubber hoses

Gold engine cam cover
Gold Chassis plaque
Special Millenium body color available
Special metal-look V-spec II Nur/ M-spec Nur badges

300Km/h speed meter

Engine produces the same power as a standard one (officially), but has lots of potential for tuning. All the bottom end is completey balanced to very fine tolerances(something the N1 GTRs didn't even get!) and you can really feel it! N1 turbines have metal internals so produce more lag but better top end power delivery. These can also be used to achieve 500ps.
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