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One day, the world will wake up to realise that the R35 is actually quite a well built, robust car. Yes, the disks and pads might be sh1te, there may have been a few bell housing failures (all cured with no quibbles from HPCs it seems), one bonnet system might have popped erroneously and it might make a few clanky noises from time to time, but fundamentally, the only big failures seem to have been on very high power modified cars without modified internals. Even the "chocolate" gearboxes seem to be doing fine, by and large. All this in circumstances where nearly every owner I speak to has an AP in his glovebox or an Ecutek map sat on his ECU. And, as CC says, naff all declined warranty claims.

Over the last 2 years, there's been so much paranoid cr4p written about the car, it's no wonder new owners think they are buying a ticking time bomb. We've all been there I guess, but looking back I bet most of us would conclude that we worried too much. 12 months ago I wouldn't have dreamt of keeping my car beyond warranty expiry, but with the way indpendent support through the likes of Litchfield and SVM has developed, I'd now feel fairly relaxed about doing just that, tuning the ass off it for track work and buying a motorway plodder for business trips.

Apologies for the rant. That feels better.
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