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Easter weekend drive, fault found

Having enjoyed my long Easter weekend at the family's holiday home on the Llyn peninsula, i got a great opportunity to fall back in love with my, now lightly modified, GTR over some fantastic country roads . The trip took us from London through to B'Ham before heading to Telford and getting on some fantastic A roads toward Bala and then continuing along more awesome A roads on to our destination, Abersoch. The journey really threw all of the best and worst bits of the British road network in my face. As we all know the GTR triumphs on dual carriage and motorways, it is such a good cruiser allowing progress to be made so simply, most of this journey was done with suspension in either COMF or Norm and i have to say i really don't see all the fuss about the suspension, it is very compliant on these sort of journey’s IMO. Next onto the A roads, and the plethora of torque i was able to dispense with a mere stab of the loud pedal was outstanding, made overtaking addictive and as the roads traversed some of the welsh country side, the GTR took it all in its stride, car felt so assured of its movements(susp in R Mode) and really inspired confidence allowing me to press on. It was only the really twisty, or should i say continually twisty bits that the car gave back some of its prowess, i felt the car lacked conviction in the twisty bits where speed you were capable of was in the region of 30-50mph. I felt i was having to over work the steering, it wasn't so sharp to announce its direction through the corners, driver input versus the car's reaction was numb, much more so than perhaps when the car is stretching it’s legs and steering feels much crisper. Now i know these motors carry more than their fair share of weight, there's a fair bit of tyre to be turning and they aren't a lightweight sports car like a caterham, but this needs to be dialled out pronto! For the first time some of the mumblings of people that criticise the GTR started to come back into my head, again attacking my new found love for the GTR.

Now back from my Scumbaru days, the new age model felt a little like what i experienced from the GTR round the bends at low-medium speed. This was resolved with alloy droplinks and stiffer ARBs front and back, having had a look there seems to be some good press reported from upgrading these items on the GTR too, i'm not really keen to start playing around with springs and dampners etc as i say the ride quality is fine for me and being London based the ride height seemingly allows me to go about my business unscathed.

However has anyone else experienced this lack of connection between driver input and car output? Apart from looking at the droplinks and ARBs are there any other suggestions as to how to perhaps crisp up the responsiveness of the GTR?
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