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Originally Posted by alloy View Post
However has anyone else experienced this lack of connection between driver input and car output? Apart from looking at the droplinks and ARBs are there any other suggestions as to how to perhaps crisp up the responsiveness of the GTR?
Good write up Alloy

I've noticed the disconnection you speak of, The GTR is amazing on smooth open roads, phenomenal around the track, mainly due to the fact that to a great extent the GTRs handling actually depends on it's weight. That works fine in most situations but certain undulating twisty roads seem to catch it out, You can sharpen the car up no end by stiffening the arbs and suspension if you wish, however, I'm not sure if anything short of shedding 400 Kgs off the car will over come this problem, its one of the only drawbacks to the design, I guess you can't have it all
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