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I assume it was your car that was taking up all of Indie's time at WLMG.

My car was due to go in on monday but not its been pushed for next week WED (over two week waiting)

anyway good to hear about this as I have been thinking about a stage two (bought the y pipe already!) but was waorried about who nissan will act about the warranty.

Anyway if local (I live in burnham) I would love to see how a stage 2 car behaves in a straight line sprint. next time you pop down to WLMG drop me a message.


Verinder (newbie - owned R35 for 3 weeks! 2009 Titainiam Premium)

Planning on doing:
Stage 2
4 light rear harness (already done)
Change brakes to something less squeeky
y pipe (will be putting on after Nissan have had a look at it)
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