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Originally Posted by coolmeister View Post
That's great news smikee

It shows that Nissan are taking a pragmatic approach. But I don't get why people talk about Nissan having to "prove" that a failure was due to a modification? They don't! The manual clearly states that any modifications can invalidate the warranty. Obviously, unlike Porsche, they are judging each case individually and apparently making sensible decisions.
I may be wrong here but despite Nissan's statement in the manual under EU law I believe the manufacturer is required to show that the failure was not as a direct result of a manufacturer defect regardless of weather tuned or not,however it may take some argument to achieve this. I don't believe any modification can completely invalidate a warranty but may leave certain aspects of it under question (mores relevant to engine or gearbox) but as David correctly pointed out those risks are smaller then perceived and I'd be the first to admit that.
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