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I have had this back from Darren @ Westover and hopefully it will help to answer some of the aspects being discussed;


As long as you keep looking after her and services and oil changes are done , Then there is no problem. There is always revisions done to the boxes and most of the time we never hear of them. Most of the box failures are tuned up with much higher boost and lots more torque. The VDC off is fine and the launch control is there to be used and VDC off is fine when using launch control. If any think ever happened with you car, I am always here to help anyway.

I once carried out a launch is VDC off in damp conditions, Never again. The car went sideways and tried to the verge . With it on the car can have much more control over its decisions and does not seem to be so harsh for the driveline.

But either way its designed for it so do not worry!



So basically, I'm alright jack with my mate Darren, best you guys find your own friendly HPC
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