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Originally Posted by Radical1 View Post
Beofre I consider making my GTR track ready (and spending 3k on Toyo's and AP's / XP10's), can you give me an idea of the following:

1. Transmission Oil Temps - Using Silverstone or Spa as an example, how many fast laps can you get in before the oil overheats and you're forced in ?
2. How many track days will you get out of a set of Toyo's ?
3. How many track days will you get out of a set of XP10 pads ?

The GTR comes track ready

I am not hard on tyres or brakes and have the AP rotor upgrade with XP10`s and they are superb but by means essential to do a trackday. The std Dunlops are amazing also and like you I looked into getting a spare set of wheels with part worn slicks. Once I found out how good the Dunlops were I quickly shelved that idea as the grief involved ( getting them to the track and then fitting them etc etc ) far out weighed the benefits. I found with the Dunlops that they seemed to wear down to just above the legal limit and then stayed like that for ages no matter what abuse I threw at them. Not even wearing the edges out - maybe driving style has alot to do with it.

Having a tranny cooler is also not essential. The std tranny fluid can take upto 120 degrees and from then on gets a little " flaky ". Whilst lapping just keep an eye on it and when it gets to about 117 degrees back off for half a lap , slip it into automatic and you`ll be surprised at how quick it goes down and then you can get on it again. If you change the transmission fluid and use FFL4 from an independent forget about the temperature ( within reason ) and just swap it out after the day for fresh stuff.

Your master plan of the AP rotors etc etc is a good one but use the std oem stuff first until it requires replacement IMHO
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