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Originally Posted by christer View Post
I guess what I meant to say was - how are you coming to conclusions from your tests?

As far as I have understood, a different oil does not let the car run cooler - but a 60W oil will stay a bot more viscous at higher temps than a 40W - if all things being equal - and so provides more consistent protection but doesn't affect temperature at all.

In any case, after the "tests" - how do you decide on the results? Are you sending the oils away for testing?

Maybe I have misunderstood something, but I cannot help think that this will be a bit of a waste of offence!
I hope I can send it to the lab to find out how much more or less solenoids from the engine produced instead of OEM oil. because willall has one test with 10w60 already and I can't buy it anywhere.
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