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I hate tyre kickers!!

Just thought I would vent at the complete p*ss take I had to endure this weekend. As I am selling my gtr I was contacted by a decent enough guy and asked to travel down go London to show him the car (100 mile round trip). This fella was being bought a car by his old man and out he comes of his 1 million pound house complete with bentley on the drive. My gtr is in good nick the odd Stone chip and a very small bump, it's done 18k and is running a stage 2 map with ypipe and downpipes and I was looking for around 40k which seems reasonable to me.
And so we begin straight away the old fella complains that the servicing was not done by Nissan (litchfields actually), also showed him a service stamp from middlehurst and west way again these are not Nissan he says they know nothing about the car! Alright I'm thinking here we go, he then says the gyres they are bold, they were actually replaced 6 weeks ago. Then he preceded to go round the car pointing out the stone chips in great detail basically pulling apart my pride and joy in front of me. I could go on but you get the picture.
We had another car round yesterday newer than your, better condition than yours and he would take 36k he insisted, you should buy that one then I suggested that is a great deal! Undeterred he carried on saying how crap my car was, the tyres, the stone chips not even interested in hearing or driving the car.
36k was his final offer, when I had already made it clear on the phone that I would not go much below 40k.
All in all left a very nasty taste in the mouth, I don't mind people trying to get a bargain but at least have the decentcy to know what you are talking about and don't absolutely destroy someone's car in the process.
Vent over and yes I do feel better now, I would not sell the car to this Charlie at of principle now and hope he picks up a cheap dragged, launched and tracked version that is shot to bits.
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