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Some interesting replies, Although I think the original objections have been lost in the haste to post a wise reply.
I did agree and receive petrol money and a trip out in the GTR, which may have been the last, was not a problem to me.
I believe my issue is the way everything and I mean everything was ripped apart, in front of me, which I think is a particularly sh1tty thing to do.
I would look at the car decide a price based on any parts to replace/work to complete and knowledge of the market and make an offer and hope to negotiate a price, during this process possibly point out the issues to strengthen my case.
We either agree on a price or we dont thats life and walk away.
What I wouldnt do, is attack an individuals integrity, and rip apart their vehicle in an uneducated way, lie and bullsh1t, small matter of respect.
I dont have to sell the vehicle, I dont need to sell the vehicle, but should sell the vehicle due to limited use and change in circumstances. Maybe a Mug will come by and be desparate to take the fellas money, I may be nieve but please dont take me for a fool.
It appears that we have other tyre kickers on the forum!, interesting reading your views tho.
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