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this just about sums it up I agree.

He offered you £4k less than you asked, thats 10% less than the asking price, thats not un-reasonable i'd have negotiated or better still have set his expectations that the minimum would have been £44k in the first place

You sound like a nice guy who has just realised how brutal car negotiating is in a bear market but don't hate him for being 'rude'

Originally Posted by RSVFOUR View Post
Hope this doesnt sound too harsh but............

It is a fundemental rule when selling cars .......The buyer travels.

Everyone can come up with a reason why they cant get to see a car . If they do come to look at it at least you know they are possibly interested

And all the time people are prepared to drive to him he doesnt need to do anything more than wait for cars to appear and make silly offers .

Once someone is prepared to drive the car to him he knows has the upper hand - he wastes half an hour you waste half a day and petrol. And TBH that should have been obvious before you got there.

So dont blame the guy you took the car to. (plonker or not )
He is only trying to get the best deal and part of this of course is slating the car and I suspect we have all done it in some way. How else is he going to justify a daft offer .

Problem is he will get a silly deal - might take a week might take a month but its not his time so I guess he s not worried.

And whilst saying " I wont sell him my car now " sounds good its pretty obvious cos he didnt buy it.
But if he phoned you and offered £40k cash we all know you WOULD sell it to him if he collected the car .

This honestly isnt a post slating you more one explaining the realities of buying os sellins a car in todays market.

Good luck with the sale at least you wont be taking to people any more ( I hope)
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