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When selling your car, never ever take it to the buyer, always they should come to you for viewing. When you travel to them, psychologically it means you are giving the buyer far more authority than they have, and you put yourself in a weak position which normally can be translated by the buyer as; 1- desperate to sell. 2- there must be something wrong with the car, hence you bothered to travel the distance to show it to him.
In fact some buyers ask the seller to come to them, so that in their own environment and comfort zone they can put the car under scrutiny. And almost always this would result in them knocking the price down, which they previously agreed on when they talked to you over the phone prior to viewing the car.

I feel for you mate, the guy obviously has never heard of Litchfields or Middlehurst, so how would you convince someone who's ignorant? But it does feel bitter that it was a wasted journey. Perhaps the idiot did not deserve the car.

Good luck with selling. But let them come to your fishing-net next time round.
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