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I am enjoying this exchange, although it does appear I am coming across as a complete tit!.
The car was up for 42k, so 36K is low and I made it clear I was looking around 40k on the phone, but I dont mind if someone tries there luck and is respectful in offerring a low price hoping to negotiate a middle price that both parties are happy with. This chancer even offered to take me to the local Nissan garage get an offer from them and beat it by 500 quid.
I also had someone round last night, complete respect knew about the car, the mods, the history, the scene and all about HPC v Litchfields. We had a good chat and was happy, if he had offered 36k I would have said no and gone our separate ways, I dont have to feel like I have had my pants pulled down in school assembly, just to sell a car!
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