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Originally Posted by JoZeff View Post
I believe my issue is the way everything and I mean everything was ripped apart, in front of me, which I think is a particularly sh1tty thing to do.
So did you stand there and take all the shit or did you pull him up and tell him to stop talking like a ****? I know what I'd have done.

It appears that we have other tyre kickers on the forum!, interesting reading your views tho.
I don't know whether I've been lumped into this category, I'm not really bothered but I gave an answer based on my own experiences. I get shafted every day of the week on jobs I do, my customers expect a discount. I normally take the piss and and ask them if they'd like a yellow reduced sticker on it or, better still, a two for one, it soon shuts them up. Maybe the guy was rude or maybe you mistook his manner for rudeness, we can only comment on the information you've presented. Look on the bright side, you've still got your car and you haven't let the guy have the satisfaction of bending you over, tomorrow's another day.

You'll find out whether you did the right thing when the car does sell.

Anyway, as they say in the for sale section, GLWTS
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