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I'm still very happy with my 34 and love among many things it talent for maintaining great resale prices. [/QUOTE]

>Glad to hear it.

Also when the new one comes out the 34 is goning to age rapidly, whereas for the time being is still the icon of supercar brutishness and I love it!!!!

>"THE NEW ONE" is the V35 GT-R, and is coming out in 2007. The >R34 GT-R is already beginning to age - product lifecycles and all >that.

Also there is the problem of the new one costing at least 45k.

>That might be a problem for you personally (your budget), but >market-wise and in relation to the competition (which is a lot >more expensive), that is a bargain. An R34 GT-R costed GBP54k >OTR. Interviews with the GT-R team have revealed that the car >will be priced in the 60k region - a bargain, when you compare >this car to the competition, which is a lot more expensive, and >consider the fact that this car will be just as able as the >?>competition in all areas, if not MORE able.

Whats going to happen with new front end height regulations to do with pedestrian safety? Hope nissan can somehow keep the skylines wall like front end

>Don't even get me started on pedestrian safety - my views on >the issue will probably get me flamed and in trouble here, and >banned All I can say is that pedestrian safety laws are >stupid, and I know they have a purpose, and I know the >purpose (obviously).

>I don't know the exact laws regarding pedestrian safety and >cars (you have to be more specific - like higher or lower height, >etc), but I'm sure that the talented bunch of people @ Nissan >will still be able to have some room/factors/freedom still >available to work with (i.e. these ped safety laws not dictating >the whole design, but then factor in all the other factors such as >aerodynamics, designer intention, the styling direction, the need >for aggressive looks, and the design is already fully dictated and >a base for the design to work with is made).

perhaps the sonic boom helps to clear pedestrians!!

>The aggressive looks will probbably teach all people not to cross >the road when this car is coming by at whatever >speed!!

Very happy boy at the moment, just got my car back from abbey after 2 and a half months, to get a bottomend bearing and crankshaft replaced! Need to run the engine in again though, which is a bit of a bummer, but when it goes back may have to get a few little tweaks....cant wait!!!

>I'm glad to hear it.

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