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Originally posted by emicen
No, but equally, is it right to blame the driver? No! Parents teac their kids how to cross tha dam road, we dont have to drive ugly cars, thats the point.
Yeah, we shouldn't have to drive ugly cars thanks to the incompetence that some people have!

Pedestrian safety laws have their place in the situation that a drunk driver is driving a car (when he or she should not be), or is distracted (like by a kid or a dog, which bites the driver's hand), and the driver swerves and hits someone walking on a pavement. Pedestrian safety laws have their place in this situation - well actually, it should be illegal to have that distraction in a car.

If kids are going to playing with their tennis ball, football or whatever, on a pavement, then they should be trained and taught about not running across the road without looking, and about thinking first, then doing an action - i.e. think about your life - what is at stake, if a measly ball is really worth risking your life for, which it isn't, think what you have been taught by parents, and then cross the road - looking on both sides, and if you are in any doubt, then get the assistance of an adult or wait - something that should be taught by parents - parents have a responsibility - if they can't meet it, then they shouldn't be parents. Even worse is that kids are playing on the pavement to the motorway (outside their house, which is on a motorway).

So if a 8 year old kid runs out after his ball, and ends up getting hit by a car, and as a consequence, loses the use of his legs for life - he deserves that?
Yes. Life has its hard lessons, and it is the hard lesson that teach - if this happens in the quoted example, then you would think twice next time. Drivers who are abiding the law, there are no distractions in the car, aren't speeding, always get in trouble (and the carmakers) - even if it isn't the driver's fault whatever side you look at it, and even if you have an independent and unbiased eyewitness, the driver still gets in trouble.

I'm not going to lie or show off on a forum, but from a young age, I played on a pavement but I was taught how to (if I wasn't, things WOULD have been different because I've seen my toys go onto the pavement whilst a car is going past at 30mph - I've been taught to play on the pavement, don't run after a ball should it go onto a road, and ask an adult to get the ball if it runs on the road, and from a young age, I was taught by parents that I should ALWAYS look when I cross the road, and not take a risk - wait, rather than walk - what's more important - losing 2 minutes or losing physical ability? I was also taught that when a ball went into a bush in the garden (which is a hazardous environment for a kid). To this present day, I still keep this in mind - but now that I'm responsible (I'm 17, responsibility comes with the age), I can cross the road myself. It wasn't advertising power that taught me, everything came from common sense and some knowledge - and also from parents who are fit to be just that - parents.

The end point is that the people behind this new law should think about the cause of people getting killed by cars, running onto the middle of the road with a car doing 28mph in a 30mph zone, and the car being 2 metres away (not the driver's fault, nor the car's - carmaker's - fault). It's the parents fault, who have to teach about responsibility and all that - teaching about dangers isn't the job of the carmaker - they are to make cars to sell and make a profit, not to pay for the incompetency of other people.

Walking down the stairs in dangerous, but the companies which make stairs don't pay for the incompetency of other people - although legal action would prove the opposite.

My opinion is informed and justified - I've heard people get hit by a car and survive unscathed, but also people getting hit by a car and with major injuries which are an incovenience, and then they learn and correct their wrong doings when they wrongly crossed the road before, and got hit by a car (from a physical observation of the case of a friend).

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