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If you had taken time to read my post before hitting me with more patronising & pretentious [email protected], you would understand that I was making the point of disagreeing with your view that those who are unfortunate enough to be hit by a car, deserve as much and deserve the consquences that ensue.
I registered what you typed and commented on this and my answer is obvious, but I also commented on a lot of other stuff.

The boy in the quoted example would not be in a position to "think twice next time" in fact, he wouldn't be in that situation again, as I had given the scenario that he lost the use of his legs.
Someone might have lost the use of his or her legs, but that could be temporary or long enough to be an inconvenience for someone. I'll repeat if I didn't say it before that the friend (not the girl who I saw get hit by a car, but the example I posted afterwards), had operations on his leg(s) but still has full use of his legs. So he hasn't permenantly lost the use of his legs, but then he has still learnt his lesson...

How about you stop trying so hard to be so fcuking smart.
I am not trying to be smart or more smart than I am, everything I said is mostly common sense. I'm being myself, I'm not gathering information from sources to form my opinions, which is another thing...

This is my opinion, and I'm entitled to it. People who challenge and disagree with the opinions of other people are recipes for arguments in forums, so I'm not going to speak anymore on this topic or to you about it, when as we have different views, there's a clash. My opinion is justified enough and should what I say happen in practise, it would be true. This is exactly why I didn't want to post my opinions - they should be left out of forums.
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