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Originally posted by BBD
MOT, CO2, Greenie stuff, save our trees, Ozon layer,, I frankly do not care what happends to all of the above,, Trees sorry we dont have any gancy sand dunes ?? Co2 levels emmisions ,, guys go to India or pakistane and see what is being dumped their you would be greatful you are driving a high powered gas guzzling Skyline its fresh air to me.
Yep been to India (I'm Indian), and I couldn't agree more with what you said. The air has a very distinctive smell, and research has shown that spending 30 minutes in Bombay is bad for your longs, due to the poor air quality. Not only that, but you would have to brave to drive in India

I don't care about the same things you don't care about, BBD - MOT, CO2, Greenie stuff, trees, ozone layer. However, I admit they do have their importance (like trees and their breathing exchange process is of value, but they also give us paper, but like Emicen stated, cars are only contribute 0.4% to global polution, so we shouldn't be punished for owning certain cars (i.e. high performance cars), and I'm not going to let things, which you have listed, get in the way of my hobby or what I look for when modifying my car (for example, I don't want cats, because without them, a car is louder, but they are needed to pass an MOT, and having a high flow cat or a bolt-on cat, which has to be bolted on during every MOT test, which, although isn't often, is just an inconvenience.
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