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Ok, last post before bed, lol.

I had a massive ARC intercooler, so another one of those would be great, also a pair of Garrett 2860-7 turbos (had those too with my rebuild... ) Uhm, I already have the brakes, clutch, Apexi PFC etc. so a lot of my 'list' has already been fulfilled, hence I wanted Cliff's car! I'll have to get thinking again really, obviously it'll all depend on the finances, but I hope to be able to do things in my own time this time around! I've got a wedding to put money away for as well as paying for the new GTR, so it could take a while!

I can't see my Games Workshop stuff selling for thousands on eBay, but it has done alright in the past, so maybe I can get a couple of bits at a time.

I'll get more pics up asap as my new bits turn up, rad panel needs a small repair due to a crack, but that shouldn't be hard and I'll get it sprayed up and looking like new!
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