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Originally Posted by enshiu View Post
If you don't know it by yourself please get an expert as I can't see the car by myself.
I dont understand this comment. I posted a weblink, I think you can see this by yourself without help.
I posted the link because you sounded familiar with the site. It was the one that I found but it didnt look very official which is why I posted it up. I thought if youve used it before it would take you a couple of seconds to confirm or not.

Obviously you cant see the car by yourself and I havent suggested you could.

When you say is there no site in the UAE, I thought you meant VIN checking site because you didnt explain much. But if you mean Owners Club for GTR's then no theres not.

Are English people outside of UK not allowed to talk on this website?

@MikeGTR: I think you misread my post. I wasnt asking what the differences were between Black, Premium, Standard etc.
If I have the registration number of the car, I want to know if you guys know of a site where it says what the type is and any other useful info.
The RAC used to have one which would tell you if it had been in a Cat D, what the engine size was, model stuff like that.
Ive done some searches and couldnt find the answer. If you guys dont know the answer either, dont worry about it.
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