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Scratching an itch that wouldn't go away!

Its been nagging away at me since I had the Akrapovic exhaust fitted to the car back in June last year so I have just bitten the bullit and booked the beast into Litchfields for a little bit of fettling.

To complement the already installed Akrapovic exhaust system she will be getting the following on her first visit to Iain and the team.

400mm Alcon front brake discs.
Alcon rear brake discs.
RS29 pads all round.
Stage 2 tune.
Forge Alloy header tank.
Forge Power steering cooler upgrade.
Forge Transmission Cooler.
Replacement engine and Turbo hoses in Red.

Then she will be back to Litchfields again for a second visit when the new suspension and brake cooling front splitter are available, these will be joined by a few more carbon goodies.

Cant wait!

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