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Yes the "dinner plate rattle" comes from the rear over certain surfaces etc and others have shown in their case that this has been related to the rear brake retaining springs. The bell housing rattle obviously isn't from the rear (but where the bell housing is ;-) .. from inside the car it appears to come from underneath and forward of where the CD player area is. Search and you'll find it rattles on tickover, mainly abates as you rev and can cause vibration at speeds IIR. so quite different to the dinner plate stuff.
When I was under the car at Litchfield we could move the front end of prop shaft about 2-3mm up, down and side to side which is probably excessive play and as a result I'm probably going to get it seen to too at next service point.
Although the rattle isn't horrible on tickover although I can convince myself I can feel a bit of a vib/rumble around a ton, but this could just be hypercardria :-)
Sure others will put me straight if I've got it wrong.

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