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Originally Posted by ROG350Z View Post
Of course not - scared ya right! ;-) Honestly - the gearbox software Iain has is calling me and getting quote on Stage 5 (turbos, intakes, downpipes etc) and 750 BHP. Cobb has been utterly brilliant but can't be bothered to send all the way to USA for NIS006 and pay much more for the gearbox when I can get Iain to do it personally.

I hate this car - Crack would be cheaper and less damaging to my health!


PS Wedding plans going well? We should do a GTROC drive past haha
Phew...thought you had taken leave of your senses for a second there!

Yeah I have had a couple of good chats with Iain recently....turbos, intercooler, my11 turbo inlets would be good. 750 power is amazing...I just keep questioning if I need it...not sure I would use it other than VMAX stuff. Hmmm....I am trying to resist and your not helping!

Wedding stuff is pretty much sorted (so I am told )...been told where I need to be and when! Drive by would be excellent. I am getting married in Glasgow though so not that local for most. still got to sort the car thing out actually....
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