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Originally Posted by Stevie76 View Post
Phew...thought you had taken leave of your senses for a second there!

Yeah I have had a couple of good chats with Iain recently....turbos, intercooler, my11 turbo inlets would be good. 750 power is amazing...I just keep questioning if I need it...not sure I would use it other than VMAX stuff. Hmmm....I am trying to resist and your not helping!

Wedding stuff is pretty much sorted (so I am told )...been told where I need to be and when! Drive by would be excellent. I am getting married in Glasgow though so not that local for most. still got to sort the car thing out actually....
Haha no not gone mental. I don't need it - but I want it. Crazy as Arcam still be quicker ona track am sure. Plus insurance, warranty worries, upgrading gearbox.

So many reasons why not ;-( Anyway am going to get gearbox sorted with ECUTek as that may make me happier for a few months.
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