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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Any adverse noises - sort them quickly as could be very expensive......
I'd agree with that...

When I first got my R35, I posted up on here to say it had some terrible noises, but was assured that 'they do that' and 'you'll get used to it'.

It wasn't till it went into Litchfield to get the new gearbox software (and a few other bits ) that Iain said it was the nosiest bell housing they'd heard.

I did wonder whether that's like when a girlfriend tells you that you've got a huge w!lly (always worries me how many they've seen to justify that comment ), but when the gearbox software had got rid of all the horrible transmission shunting noises, and I had the Miltec Y pipe swapped for a silenced one, it really highlighted quite how bad the bell housing was.

Thankfully it's due back from Middlehurst this morning (only took them nearly 3 weeks ) with one of the new design bell-housings (KB02A instead of the original JF02A).

Should be as quiet as a Lexus now

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