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Originally Posted by Anders_R35 View Post
I know you're just importing them, but seems to be loaded with GTR tax IMO. A Mocal 34 row cooler costs circa £190, so it looks like I'm expected to pay £550 for a mounting bracket and two oil hoses.

Unless there's something else that explains the difference?

Your fitting price seams reasonable though.

to answer the question no your not expect to pay £550 for some lines, brakets and custom flanges to fit the OEM housing.

the cheapest kit is £1100..

buisness is there to make money, if we can save someone £450 then great.

i dont like to justify my costs but i will do on this occassion.

if you look at the pics (i will take one after as they are covered in blue wrap) but we have to make the flanges to mate to the oem lines.

also need to get brackets made and order some quality lines to go on them aswell.(all custom)

we also need to make a sum for doing this.

so lets say for arguement sake £190 for cooler, £50 plates, £150 for some customs fittings, £150 for the custom lines and £20 for delivery.

= £612 inc vat.. my cost

- £750 inc vat your cost

am not really getting GTR tax..

but if you decided to do this yourself then fine but since i have everything off am happy to take my time to get things mocked up and an offer a ready made fitment uprated oil cooler.

sounds unreasonble ?
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