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Originally Posted by u116371 View Post
What's it like for an everyday drive?
Good, the drivability is not effected at all in a negative way. It feels like a greater spread of torque so it's actually more relaxing to drive than before as you don't need to use the loud pedal as much.
My fuel economy has not changed either. I had some commuting to do on the last tank and I got 314 miles with a range of 70 still showing...
If I drive enthusiastically I get about 240 to a tank.

It's certainly better than standard for normal use, but you know you've got all those horses ready if you need them.

Originally Posted by Adamantium View Post
I've heard from Iain that the latest custom turbine he uses spools as well if not better than stock.
I don't think turbines are involved until stage 5.
Stage 4 takes the filters, exhaust and mapping and adds bigger injectors. Turbos are stock.
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