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Litchfield again!

Massive thanks to Ian for the gearbox update and stage1 remap!

Ian's cared for the car since I ve owned it, servicing it twice and twice for upgrades,

Having already had the y pipe for some time, the stage1 and gearbox update is the best bang for buck upgrade available,

I d messaged Ian last night chatting about the possible upgrade and found myself in Windsor today picking up some watches, as 'luck' would have it, it's 'only' another hundred miles to litchfields , after a quick call I was on my way!

Arrived and Ian got the laptop out and set to work, I made myself a brew, and before I knew it the job was done, quick walk through how it all works I was on my way home,

Gearbox is how it shouldve been from day 1, much improved and another 70-80bhp isn't to be sniffed at!!

an accident and 4-5hour drive home took some of the fun out of the day but overall I m chuffed!

New exhaust and maybe some wheels Might have to be next, and chatted with amar st SVM this week also, that's something hard to resist!

Shouts out to a particular forum member for sowing the seed of the remap and near bullyboy tactics until I got it done!- you know who you are- up the hammers ; )


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