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Number plate question

Hi all,

Not sure where to ask this so am gong to put it here.

I just want to know, who on this forum would buy a private plate that is to all intents and purposes the perfect display of their surname?

I have two cars - the other one I got at auction for the bargain price of £500.

I used to love these plates, mostly because I thought if I have to show an arbitrary combination of numbers on my car, they might as well be specific to me, btu now I wonder if they are a bit chav scum. A bit like wearing a necklace or a jumber with your name on it.

I thought £500 was a lot when I bought my plate but at the time I loved them. Now I can afford a lot more, which is lucky because this plate is £2000, I am just having trouble weighing up the fact that it is £2000 for essentially a badge but it is also a perfect display of my surname.

It means it has no future value to anyone else, so I can't treat it as an investment - it's pure wastage, but equally I can keep it forever, and it has the added advantage of not meaning anything to anyone who doesn't know me - but does that make it worse?

Would just appreciate any opinions on this as I really am in two minds.
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