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Despite also coming from Essex...

Getting T12 ABC, just because you initials are ABC is (IMO) quite frankly cheap and just makes you look like you could only afford a £200 plate. Really don't see the point, the car is not a T reg, ie 1999. Better off with no private plate at all.

Sure, if they spell something or are just have you initials (ABC 30) and hide the date I can see the point. It's what I'd call a "proper" private plate, rather that the budget specials you buy for a 10 year old Ford Fiesta.

I just can't see why you'd buy a £40k car and stick a £200 plate on it, considering the car loses value and the plate doesn't.

I don't think money on decent private plates is wasted.
Because you can use them again and again. Where as anything spent on a car goes up in smoke over a few years...
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