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Originally Posted by CT17 View Post
Despite also coming from Essex...

Getting T12 ABC, just because you initials are ABC is (IMO) quite frankly cheap and just makes you look like you could only afford a £200 plate. Really don't see the point, the car is not a T reg, ie 1999. Better off with no private plate at all.

Sure, if they spell something or are just have you initials (ABC 30) and hide the date I can see the point. It's what I'd call a "proper" private plate, rather that the budget specials you buy for a 10 year old Ford Fiesta.

I just can't see why you'd buy a £40k car and stick a £200 plate on it, considering the car loses value and the plate doesn't.

I don't think money on decent private plates is wasted.
Because you can use them again and again. Where as anything spent on a car goes up in smoke over a few years...
Yeah I agree too

Unless its a birthday with initials or actually says something then they are a bit pointless, unless u want to disguise the age of course but then again I don't think a 'GTR' plate is worth £1500!
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