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Originally Posted by thunderball View Post
Waiting for Ben's new stock of Titan's myself - can't wait. How difficult is it to change the down pipes on a GTR, when I spoke to Iain (Litchfield) he gave the impression it was a lot of work for not a lot of gain [unless you were going for a big power conversion]?
What I understood from my local tuner is that the older the car the smaller the chance that you get the old downpipes lose without breaking 1 or more bolts. And if they break you can drop the engine. So indeed, very little gain, a lot more noise. Decided against it. Only makes sense (in my opinion) if you go larger turbo's. With standard turbo's the max gain is I think 20 HP or so. I have currently akra exhaust, cobb with GTC tune, intakes and 1000 cc injectors. Should be around 600 HP or a tad over. The 20 HP difference not worth the job, nor the noise in my opinion.
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