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Originally Posted by lewis-s View Post
yeah intakes make huge gains and are reasonably priced! those along with your titan and your sorted
Lewis, are you running bigger injectors ?

On the subject of downpipes, they are love or hate thing

real world they absolutely do make gains, they can be the difference between a 11.xx and 10.8 second 1/4's. They lower engine temps, improve response (as lewis mentioned). improved tq and hp. if you like your GT-R to sound deeper on idle and high pitched up top you know the combo.

downside. can be a pain to fit. sensor can easily be damaged trying to remove. some people do find them too loud and remove them afterwards, so highly recommend have a listen or even go out in a full decat GT-R. They will run the oem injectors very close with maxium duty with even mild tune. Cat codes need to be turned off with a map (lewis). Your gonna aid to global warming
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