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Originally Posted by rob wild View Post
Is it possible to put a map together from the Cobb calibrations together? I was thinking

Map 0:- 95 ron Save mode
Map 1:- 95 Stock edm
Map 2:- Stage 2 low boost
Map 3:- Stage 2 high boost

It would just save me having to flash on the different maps if they were on the steering wheel.



you can download the free new high power switchable maps here COBB Tuning - Nissan AccessPORT

Stage 2 beta high performance v360
map 0 = 13 psi,
MAP 1 = 15 psi, map 2 = 16 psi peak
Map 3 = 17.5 psi peak, With or without Catless DP and full exhaust, Cobb SF intake 2.5 inch or stock intake system.

But you need to datalog to watch for knock and injector duty. These maps run richer than most custom tunes

funnily enough i run with exactly what you listed
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