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Picked up new car and am gutted!

Knew that title would grab your attention.

I picked up the 12 plate car from Nissan Aldershot - dealt with a very nice chap by the name of Guy Millar who I would recommend.

I left specific instructions for the car not to be washed in full expactation of making sure it was washed via the two bucket method only from birth.

Sure enough they did as I asked and the car was filthy when I picked it up (actually not at all as it had been under protective wrap with only 22 miles on the clock and sat locked inside the showroom).

Being so conveniently placed, I drove straight to Robbie at valet magic to have a protective detail put on the car.

I was hoping to spend the day, hang around, have a spot of lunch with David Yu and listen to his akrapovic system.

As it turns out mr. Yu and his friend harry (the bastards) made it utterly clear that it would be insane to not clear wrap the front of the car. I ummed and ahhed as I prefer to respray it than risk the slightly inferior look of the front, but Robbie also assured me that on a DMG car it would be perfectly acceptable.

The trouble was, Robbie was too busy to do the wrap today, and there would be no point washing it taking it home, bringing it back the next day for the wrap and having to wash it again. Plus how gutted would I be if I picked up that one stone chip in on the journey that would be forever under the wrap.

So the long and short of it is, I was incredibly excited. I bought a one way ticket. I spent two hours on the train, I drove the car 5 miles. then I got the train home.

Thanks a lot guys!

Bring on tomorrow, another night of excitement.

btw. there's nothing better than that new car feeling. Never had it and love it. For any doubters, I have a feeling of a much stronger bond with this car than previously, after all I knew her before she was a virgin ( ).
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