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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
I have spent probably in the region of 500k modifying cars. I've modified most things with all kinds of tuners with even custom engine builds by mountune.

One thing I have learnt is to buy tried and tested.

Look for the tuner that does to the car what you want to do, that does strong r&d and not just bolt on parts or import other tuners work.

Pay more for quality. Cheaper is not often smarter but don't spend unnecessarily.

So, yes, I hav an MY11 and have already modified it with y pipe and ecutek map.

Lots planned, following no one's design or package, but cherry picking the things I see working the best, being the best made, most reliable etc

I like Litchfields honest approach backed up with strong r&d but have no experience of others.
Cheery picking is normally a little more expensive, as you generally take the best from each package, but definitely a very good way to go!

Tangent - what other cars have you owned and modified? 500k?!?!?! I may have spent around 50k modding cars, you just take it to another level!!
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