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Originally Posted by donski D View Post
Got a quote from warranty direct and was £980 for dealer repaired and £750 for independant repaired.

Waiting for the small print to come through, am I'm sure there will be some kind of excess
I got a quote from them too after I got an email from admiral who I think is part of the same group:

Below is what was written on the quote page:

Your LuxuryCare Warranty is "Nearly a new car warranty". Almost all mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle are covered. This exceptional level of protection provides parts and labour cover for all the mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle with the exception of those detailed below.

This is one of the best extended warranty protection covers you can get outside of the manufacturer's original warranty.

Included with your warranty is the extra protection of - Recovery, Car Hire, Emergency Travel and Overnight Hotel accommodation you also get free access to our 24 hour recovery helpline operated by AXA Assistance. This helpline will give you and your family peace of mind that help will be on hand when you need it most.

The real worth of our warranty will only be discovered when you claim and we know that it can often be difficult to decide on the warranty company that deserves your trust. That's why we're delighted to list among our many partners such names as The Telegraph, MSN, The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, WhatCar magazine, Auto Trader, Admiral Insurance, Moneysupermarket, Go Compare, This is Money and uSwitch.

The following components of the vehicle are NOT covered.

All bodywork, trim, upholstery, glass, paint, sunroof components, panels, wheels and tyres.

Brake discs and drums, brake pads and shoes.

Clutch centre/friction plate, cover plate and release bearing.

The cleaning or unblocking of fuel lines, filters, carburettors, pumps, metering units or idle speed control valves.

Lamps, batteries, fuses, and connectors, in-car audio and entertainment systems or navigational systems.

Not fitted by the vehicle manufacturer as original specification.

Including but not limited to:- Distributor cap, rotor arm, condenser, points, high tension leads, spark plugs, wiper blades, filter elements, bulbs, belts, antifreeze, fluids, grease, fuel or oils.

Exhaust gasket, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, auxiliary drive belts, brackets, mountings, pipes and hoses, water ingress, cables other than clutch cables.

Notwithstanding exclusion 11 of the policy, this covers the cylinder head gasket and seal or gasket replacement that necessitates the removal of the engine, gearbox/drive unit or differential unit to carry out repairs.

Casings are covered provided they have been damaged as a result of failure of an insured part or by the consequential damage of an insured part failing.

Sundries such as coolants, lubricants, fluids, oils, filters and other working materials are covered if their replacement is necessitated due to a valid claim, provided the vehicle is not within 1,000 miles of its next service.

For details of cover see Policy Document
All components of the car are covered other than those listed above.
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