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Originally Posted by Adamantium View Post
Failsafe trips are a very important feature as far as I'm concerned.

I thought that they were my idea when I suggested them to the now creator of syvecs when he specced the ecu for my subaru back in the day but it turns out they've been in place for years.

I was really pleased with my idea for cutting boost when oil pressure was low but revs high - turns out I'm not special
I have lost count on the amount of engines the syvecs has saved when an oil seal has gone and its tripped the engine to save the bearings etc or fuel pump failure which has tripped and stopped engine melting!

Heres one from weekend!

Why would you bother with a Syvecs

Was a shame that later on the head studs could not hold the cylinder pressures of over 2bar of boost on race fuel but when the coolant jacker did pressurizes it did kill engine straight away to stop it bending rods.
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