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Thanks for Kind words Ian, your requests are done. Uploading video of it now

If anyone wishes to come test out the traction give ian or myself a shout. Just a brief on how it works. The stock Ecm controls torque reduction via the throttle plate and ignition retard but its reaction speed is very slow due to the time it takes for the throttle to adjust to reduce torque. I have had my 630hp gtr completely sideways before it has done anything about it. With the S8 its instant via ign and fuel cut or ign retards for small amount of slip and fully adjustable via the steering wheel buts to adjust for Rain, drag or tarmac.

Its then full mappable against Lateral G which the S8 has on the GTR and loggable as with every other parameters at up to a 1000 times a second.

The launch control is another breed and my stock gearbox will not be happy if i launch at 0.5bar of boost again on lots of demos but will save it for the strip

AMS and Swizter will show how it works at the weekend
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