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Originally Posted by Adamantium View Post
Have gone MY10 to MY11 twice.

I don't think there's enough difference of 12 compared to 11 for that same comparison to be considered invalid.

If you want my feedback you are welcome to phone me as it is too lengthy to go through in email. You could search the many 10>11 posts, but what I would say on the phone would be more specific to my and perhaps your situation.
Thanks Adam,
Ive been uumming and aahing now, for quite some time, about newer, modified, unmodified etc, and ive made my decision. My 10 car is going in against an X5, which is the family vehicle, and im going to save up for as long as i can possibly hold out,without having a GT-R, then buy a new one. The new GT-R will be kept totally standard, as even my 10 car is imho, more then enough for the road, and my needs. So i just wanted to hear, just how good a standard 11/12 car is, regards, SIMON.
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