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Originally Posted by CT17 View Post
It is, in spirit of what a Skyline is in the UK.
But not by build. Or to the Japanese.
Even if we drop the word Skyline, it's still the successor to the R34 GT-R.
I'm proud of my Skyline heritage.

I would have loved to own, though too poor, an R34 Skyline GT-R back in the day. By the time I could afford to buy one, it had become the R35 Skyline GT-R.
If Nissan wanted to make it more up market, and distance it from the tuner religion, they should have used a truly uncrackable ECU, and have every node on the CAN bus use a public/private key system for the comms. So we couldn't even switch out the ECU for an aftermarket tunable one, coz nothing else on the bus would work with it. All they had to do was ask me. Lol
And they should have called it Nissan S1 GT-R.

Rant over. LOL
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