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Well, it has been a pretty quiet, and cold passed couple of months, add some bad luck into that mix too!

The car is going well, aside from a puncture a couple of weeks ago, at 70mph, on the A120! That made two in a week, as I also had a puncture in my Mazda 6 a week before that! My space saver wheel wouldn't go on the Skyline, which I (actually, my dad) later found that it was the plastic locating ring stuck to the hub - the recovery guy and I didn't notice this as it was dark and very cold! Thankfully the wheel does actually fit, so that is one less expense before the 2012 Nurburgring trip!

I nabbed some red SFS intercooler hoses from SpeedingPanther a couple of month ago, they'd been up on the forum for some time, and I'd assumed they'd gone. As luck would have it, he'd still got them after being messed about. My fiancee also bought me the red breather hoses from SFS for Christmas. I thank thee!

I need to do the RH hose still, but I need a smaller jubilee clip first. I ordered what I assumed was the right sizes (after measuring the hoses!) but they came out far larger than I anticipated. The small rings actually fitted the larger ended hoses. Hmmm... I haven't fitted the left or lower IC hoses yet, didn't want to mess about too much before we go to Germany!

On the car:

The radiator panel has been repaired & sprayed up and looks great. Just need a couple of hours free to drill or cut the ends out to make space for the bonnet locating pins. (Excuse the shitty smokers table, lol.)

I also got myself an eBay bargain! A Momo Millennium Evo wheel, for £100! Came with a boss for a classic Mini too, so I can flog that to get some cash back. The thing is as new, goes for about £200, excluding boss! Just waiting on a KYB boss so I can get it fitted.

The Toyo R888's were getting low, and one was ruined by the puncture anyway (I had to get off the A120, as there are very few safe few places to stop!) these have now gone in favour of some 265/35/18 Toyo T1R's. I went for 265's as the 285's were horrible for tramlining and tracking every bump on the road! I didn't really enjoy B roads, as the car always wandered around. Only done a few miles on the 265's, but they seem a lot better already. I'll try them out after I finish work next week.

The only other minor thing planned is to board out the back of the car. The current plyboard 'floor' is pretty warped from having the AC, etc on it when Cliff had her stored. I should be able to map around the rear carpet to get a rough size / shape, which'll make bringing back food and beer a lot easier!

Oooh, and fitting the drivers side harness would be good! Although I have no idea how it goes in... Cliff? Lol

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