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I've got one !

Been floating around the R35 section for a few months now. Managed to get a great deal of knowledge from you guys (thank you) over that time and have been anticipating the purchase of one after coming back from the states a couple of weeks ago.

I had my eye on weebaws (user) car in the classifieds on here whilst I was in the states but didn't contact him because I wasn't in a position to view. On my return, I PM'd him as I saw he said he had given it to a dealer.

Turned out, it was sale or return so a few conversations later once history checked etc, deposit was paid.

Picked it up from Edinburgh yesterday (thanks mate). Was full long day from Train at 7:53 in Preston and back home at 7:30pm but we were reliant on DVLA office and the Bank etc.

Well, what can I say. Exactly as described and some of you might remember it from a previous post by him for its viper stripes.

He sugested a different route home than M8 M74 M6 and suggested the A7 across the borders through into Cumbria and pick up the M6 there. WHAT A DRIVE THAT WAS ! Bit of snow hampered progress at the start but then it dried out and the snow covered mountain tops surrounding the twisty A road through villiages etc was EPIC. My first drive of a GTR and I picked a road like that.......plenty of overtakes and spirited driving when the road and conditions allowed made for a great 1h 30 mins of driving. Met up with the M6, car in Auto, heated seat on, Cruise set to 76 and managed to familarise myself a little more with the radio and settings etc.

For anyone who didn't see the advert, its a March 2010 10 Plate (12 VIN ) model Black edition.

Goes like stink of course and now I have SVM's March Madness to add (Circlips, Cobb 006 etc) and stage 4 upgardes to have installed

Had to remove the freezer out of the garage last night at 9:30am and put it in the lounge to get the car in I was always worried about its width and I should of measured my garage length Anyway...its in

Once I've cleaned all the crap off the car after 3.5 hours of driving last night, I will take some pictures.

The only thing that is confusing me is the passenger side lock. We had a little trouble with it when I was up in Edinburgh. Bascially, when you unlock the car with the fob and then press it again.....and again....and again....the passenger door doesn't unlock. You can pull it up from inside although it seems to be mostly up.....almost like its sticking. I'll do some searches on here for it but if anyone has similar or maybe just suggests that I get it looked at from the dealers. I will do.

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